Monday, March 17, 2014

The Kalology of Kenny

No sooner had I posted my piece featuring male model Kenny from Big Brother Canada when a blog reader messaged me a video link for competition going on in the house. Still in the BB closet Kenny was assisting his bestie in the house Andrew with making a video to win a special power. It doesn't take much to get Kenny in his undies, but still not sure what sparked Andrew to dress up like a kitty. I will try not to overload you all with Kenny posts, he is becoming increasingly judgy in the house, but his relationship with Andrew is really quite interesting to watch.


Daniel said...

You can make all the Kenny posts you want. I won't mind, and Andrew is pretty damn hot too.

Where are you watching this, I have tried to find a link and have not any luck. Can you help me out?


TyeBriggs said...


The links are hard to find sometimes, and are often pulled quickly. Some I viewed on youtube, some on Daily motion. Usually Jokers posts links for those outside of Canada to view.

I will try to post links from the eps as they arise.


Anonymous said...

Kenny looks like he's a little exicted in some of those pics... and I agree. Make all the posts you want!