Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Spring Suspension by JDT Photography

Above: Thomas Boyd

Today is March 26th, spring officially began close to a week ago. As I sit here assembling this piece for the blog; the wind is howling, the snow is streaming down as those of us living along the Eastern Seaboard are again experiencing Winter's wrath. Winter's grip was firm this year, so firm that currently spring is in a suspension state, held at bay by a stubborn season not wanting to release its grip.

Below: James Urciuoli

Since actual signs of spring are currently being blanked with yet another layer of snow, our transition into the season, at least for now, will have to be a visual one. Will begin the journey into the season by heading down to the water, and into the woods with the imagery of JDT Photography.

Below: Scott Collins

'How are you supposed to create a truly beautiful photo if you don't even like what you see before you press the button?'

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I was first drawn to the work of Jesse from JDT Photography with this series of images of Blakely. I love how the Georgia photographer so excellently captured the feel and tranquility of being by the water on a spring day. I was beautifully transported from a winter's prison to the freedom of being outside, peaceful with the suns heat finally able to penetrate through.

Jesse may only be 24 years old, but his passion for photography is already firmly embedded. 'I fall more in love with it every single day.' The artists dream is to one day work abroad as a fashion photographer. Jesse has a strong connection with editorial photography and describes himself as versatile, with the ability to adapt to any genre/style of photography.

Being so young, I was curious on how Jesse got his start shooting the naked male form. Living in Georgia, Jesse says finding a location to shoot someone naked isn't really a big problem but his first nude shoot wasn't exactly planned, rather a natural extension of his work. Jesse was shooting a friend of his outside in the woods and recalled that the model had previously expressed an interest in trying some nude work in the future. During the shoot, Jesse threw out the idea of trying a few nudes. The model, normally confident and fearless became instantly nervous, but remained steadfast in accomplishing his goal.

The model's underwear came down, but for his first nude shoot, his hands remained firmly planted covering his junk. Artist and model were still able to capture some beautiful rear and implied nude images, taking advantage of the location, and natural light beating down from the sun. Although Jesse has a strong creative edge, and desire to push the envelope, he is also respectful of the boundaries of his subjects, and the lines that although can be creatively pushed, should never be crossed.

'I think if you're truly passionate about the photos you are taking, the end result will always be better.'

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Last 3 images: Blakely R

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