Friday, April 11, 2014

Adieu Kenny & Sarah

I am not sure why, but the producers of Canada's current incarnation of Big Brother seemed on a mission the last few weeks to get rid anyone with an interesting personality. The show, and so many of the fans it seems, have turned the once interesting hour into a popularity contest of nice. Andrew may have been a bit of a douche, but he was certainly no villain and compared to his counterparts in the US, downright pleasant. Sabrina seems to be generally hated but although I don't especially like her, she makes some interesting watching. I like Neda, but for the most part, the ones left on the show seem the least interesting, only likable if you buy the manipulative editing, especially with Adel and John.

Sadly, one of the most interesting showmances in the history of the show was broken up last night by the departure of Kenny Brain and Sarah Miller. Kenny was one of the first BB contestants and I could actually relate to and whose story mirrored my own in so many ways. Sarah's bond and infatuation with Kenny was made all the more interesting given he is gay, and she is married. I will miss them, they truly liked each other and actually had conversations that I found interesting to watch. The producers seem intent on pushing others, although this season, far more obviously than in the last. Thankfully, we were able to witness Kenny's coming out to his housemates (although a hastily and poorly edited version...) prior to his eviction, something I am sure was pushed by producers who clearly knew his days were numbered. Adieu Sarah and Kenny!

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