Friday, May 23, 2014

Crematorium by Alexander Kargaltsev

Former Ukraine. In the south of Putin's Crimea, a giant factory with chimneys is built: a Crematorium for gays. Four couples are picked to test a new machine to turn them straight. Torture, interrogation, death and cleansing in the fiery furnace await them.

Earlier this month I profiled Asylum, featuring the art and images from visual artist Alexander Kargaltsev. Kargaltsev's new work and exhibit, Crematorium is set to take the stage May 31st at Shetler Studios & Theatres Inc in New York. Persecution remains a passionate core of Kargaltse's work with Crematorium a powerful protest of Vladimir Putin’s antigay legislation in Russia and occupied Crimea. Check it out if you're in the NY area, maybe see if you can drag Kimberly and Beck and Amy Kushnir along with you.  Persecution is not confined to countries outside US borders.

Take a peak at the teaser video below.  

Crematorium - teaser from Alexander Kargaltsev on Vimeo.

Alexander Kargaltsev

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