Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jason Priestley: A Memoir

Jason Priestley was an early crush. During my teen years, the actor was a regular part of my television watching and teen magazine buying, then pin-up lusting. Although I like Priestley, there is something just a tad pretentious about an actor, barely in his mid forties, writing an autobiography. Priestley's A Memoir might make a fun read, but the actor's life and career haven't yet achieved the degree of success required to live up to that title. He hasn't won any major awards, been in any huge movies, nor had any love affairs that have set Hollywood gossip tongues wagging.

Priestley had had a long career, a successful one, but not one I would say deserves to be permanently chronicled in print, at least not yet. It speaks to the interest in Priestley's life that most of the press surrounding his book is focused on his brief time as Brad Pitt's room mate (above) and stories of 90210 terror Shannen Doherty. I don't mean to minimize Priestley as an actor, simply questioning the standards used today for celebrity biography's. Now Priestley isn't exactly Snookie, but he isn't Paul Newman either. Priestley isn't either, not one to burn, nor one to buy and keep.... he is right in the middle, he is Kindle. Here, starting with Sister Kate and co-star Stephanie Beacham are some of my favorite Jason memorable moments in images.

Sister Kate 1989

Beverly Hills 90210 1990

90210's hottest couple

Calendar Girl 1993

Die Mommie Die 2003

Call Me Fitz 2010

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Anonymous said...

That's probably one of the most boring memoirs ever. I can think of a hundred other celebrities I'd rather read a memoir by. Now Brad Pitt is someone I'd read a memoir by because he has had such a extraordinary career and a fascinating private life. Not even just had relationships but his volunteer work has been incredible. Those are the people in Jason's age group that are worthy of a memoir. Jason Priestly is just not someone I want to know more about.