Sunday, June 1, 2014

Return Engagement: Nick Ayler by Hans Fahrmeyer

'With the feeling that I get, I don't even mind if We get wet.'

When it comes form and fitness models, the faces, and bodies tend to come and go a lightning speed. On the Internet especially, the images all over sites and blogs one month, quickly disappear the next. There are some models though, who continue to hold our attention. They know one of the secrets is not to oversaturate the market with image after image, but understand it is the slow burn which sustains a longer, and more intense form of heat.

In so many of these cases, the models have not only a strong desire, but a penchant for knowing how to self promote. They have a plan and a targeted direction. I remember when Nick Ayler contacted me about a blog piece in 2010. He had a clear vision of what he wanted and who he wanted to work with. He was also committed to only working with others who were committed to success.

In many of these cases, we got our first glimpse of the magic with images from artist Hans Fahrmeyer. It was his work with Nick that first grabbed my attention back in 2009. Hans' images of Nick were everywhere, they exploded all over sites and blogs devoted to the male form. Nick's work with Hans continues to be a favorite of mine, and clearly many others. Each collaboration has resulted in incredible captures and Hans thankfully, also usually finds a way to get Nick soaking wet. These images come from two shoots and although you may have seen some of them before, Hans has included few others for FH readers to enjoy, that have not been previously released!

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Bobby F. said...

OMG! Wet AND freeballing.
My two favorite things.