Friday, July 11, 2014

Bitter, Party of One

The View has always been an interesting social experiment. Barbara Walters has constantly maintained 'everyone gets along' even when it was clear they did not. Walters is a TV legend, yet it is a good thing she left the show. She out and out lied constantly the past few years about her many things, especially her co-hosts and their employment status with the show.

The View, like all tv, is about money, and obviously Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy were not making any. Shepherd never really bothered me that much, I disagreed with her most of the time, but she was at least earnest in her ignorance. McCarthy however was all 'show', making up stories and exaggerating things about her life whenever she thought it would benefit the hot topics, and of course herself. I won't miss her.

Rosie O'Donnell was who drew me to the show in the first place, and I am happy she is returning. O'Donnell is polarizing I know, most love her or hate her... I am on the love side. I love her faults, her mistakes and her emotionally driven decisions. Over the years on FH I have also defended Elisabeth Hasselbeck on occasion. I rarely agreed with her, but I liked her at times. On The View she was sometimes the most supportive panelist of gay rights and gay marriage. Not sure if that is how she really felt, or if it was for show, but despite her reputation, she said the right things. I take it all back however after this week. Like or hate O'Donnell, Hasselbeck's comments this week were nothing more than hate filled bitterness. Dangerous even.

O'Donnell always supported the troops, just not the war. Hasselbeck was never able to understand that distinction. Bringing it up, and her warped slant proved what everyone else was saying all these years was accurate. She belongs on FOX. I never watch it, I never see it and except for O'Donnell's successful return this week, would never had heard her. She jumped back from her vacation just in time to make herself relevant again, something she has not been since she and Rosie were on The View together so many years ago. My guess is that without Rosie, Hasselbeck would have been canned from the show much sooner than she was... and that FOX would not have been interested at all if not for the venom O'Donnell brought out of her. She should be thanking her, not putting her at risk.


Anonymous said...

I so agree with you!!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Rosie. I used to be when she had her own show and had a more cheerful vibe. Now she just seems angry all the time and looking for controversy wherever she can find it. I'm actually watching The Talk right now as I type this and I gotta say that show is much more enjoyable to watch. Rosie's biggest problem is she's a bully and I lost respect for her when she tried to accuse Kelly Ripa of being homophobic because she didn't like that Clay Aiken put his hands across her mouth to make her stop talking. No woman would appreciate having a man do that to them and Rosie assumed she was offended because he is gay. How Rosie made that assumption I will never understand but I'm glad Kelly stood up for herself. I won't be watching The View unless Rosie can tone down the hostility.


Anonymous said...

From Elisabeth's actions on this matter after all of this time...I tend to feel that its a strong possibility that she may have thought that she would be asked back to the table which brings to believe that there's a chance that her stint at FOX is not all that she assumed it would be. In other words, why would she care about Rosie's return to the show if she has moved on.???

Bobby F. said...

Rosie's contracts supposedly has a clause that prevents any reality show member from being a host member. That automatically excludes Sarah Palin who was being rumored as a possible co-host. THANK GOD!
Yay for Rosie. Now just wait for The Donald to make a guest appearance. :-)