Friday, July 11, 2014

Tips For Taking The Perfect Group Beach Photo

Ok, it's summer time. Many of us spend a lot of time at the beach with our friends and family. With everyone having a camera in their phone, there is no excuse not to take lots of pictures to remember the day! But... taking the perfect beach photo can be a challenge. The blazing sun, the sand, looky loos gawking and walking about. At to that the fact not everyone photographs well in a swimsuit. I have however come up with a few tips to help you get that perfect summer capture, one worth framing and putting on your office desk or living room wall!

Dress Everyone Alike!  Means everyone is equal and small body flaws are not as noticeable!

Dress Everyone in one color!  Note however, white may not be everyone's friend.

A unique and memorable pose!  Just ensure people know if anyone gets hurt, it is not your fault!

Raise Your Hands In The Air:

Better yet, Raise your hands in the Air at sunset!

When in doubt, have your subjects remove as much clothing as possible!




Then have them remove it all and tell them to say 'cheese!'

There you go, the perfect summer group shot at the beach!

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