Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Favorite Face Of The Day: Matt McGorry

It took me awhile to really start enjoying Orange Is The New Black. I watched the first couple of episodes last year, but stopped. I liked it, but it did not hook me in those first two episodes. Then, last month, after reading all the hype the last few months, I gave it another go. Episode 3, Lesbian Request Denied was the episode that drew me in.

The Jodie Foster directed episode featured the back story of inmate Sophia Burset and the circumstances that brought her to prison. Laverne Cox is incredible as Sophia and equally powerful is the performance of actress Tanya Wright as her wife Crystal. It was this storyline that emotionally connected me to the show and has been working my way through the remainder of the season.

There are so many actors who get to stand out on the series, I especially love some of the older women who get to shine from time to time. It has been great to dive into the lives of the supporting cast as the some of them main cast members, Taylor Schilling, Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon, don't really cut for me. All talented for sure, but Prepon for some reason especially annoys me. I loved her on That 70's Show, but have not like even one of her scenes thus far on Orange.

Out of the male cast members my favorite has to be the face, and body of actor Matt McGorry. Matt, a former professional trainer and body builder is a nice contrast to all the other male characters. Although he is not making the best choices, most of the other male characters are idiots, so it is nice to have a guy, especially one as adorable as Matt, to root for.

Orange Is The New Black is Matt's first role of note and many besides myself have taken notice. This fall, Matt is going to play double duty, juggling his role on Orange, with a role opposite Viola Davis on the new Shonda Rhimes series, How To Get Away With Murder.

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