Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Substance: Keith Allain by Byron Motley

'Let's create some magic and have some fun!'

It has been far too long since I featured the work of artist Byron Motley. Whenever I see one Byron's images I am always struck by how Byron views, and chooses to capture his models. No matter what is in front of us, we view and process what we're seeing through our own lens of experience and emotions. Byron's images have a sophisticated erotic quality, unique to how he as an artist, see's the world.

Byron is an photographer, artist, singer and writer and you can see and feel each of these passions in his work. Some photographers shoot bodies, other shoot the human's within them. Byron knows the cover of a book is only useful to grab one's attention. Byron goes beyond just the cover in his work, unveiling deeper layers within his subjects that make you want to know and see more.

When viewing these images of model Keith Allain you can see clearly he has a great look. Keith has an incredible body, clearly the result of hours of hard work, stamina and dedication. Keith also has a great face and eyes that tell you clearly and loudly there is more to him than just the body. Keith's gaze into the camera is not only powerful but even challenging, forcing the viewer looking back to give him both attention, and respect.

It might be some of those qualities that had Byron Motley decide to sign Keith as his first ever model to his new Motley Model Management Group. Byron first met Keith at a model competition in New York back in 2012 called IMTA (International Model and Talent Association). They later reconnected when Byron was traveling on the east coast and Byron continued to be impressed with the Keith's desire to become a world class model.

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