Sunday, July 20, 2014

Liquid Sunshine: Ghost killer by Studio R9 Tampa

It has been far too long since I featured the work of Rick from Studio R9 Tampa on the blog. My last profile was back in December of 2011 and featured Rick's work with model Frank Ryan. (HERE:) In that piece, I focused on my connection with the name 'Frank' and how Rick's incredibly hot images helped change my connection to the name.

With a professional name like Ghost killer, it is unlikely I could use a similar theme for this set of images. But really, with these images, whose reading much of what I write anyway...

Ghost killer is actually named Joe. Joe just finished up active duty serving in the Army. The 24 year old Tennessee model says that he enjoy's showing off what he has to offer and has an open mind when it comes to concepts and themes when shooting. Rick describes Joe as a great Guy, one that loves women and loves to weave just a little kink into his life and work.

One of the things I love so much about Rick's work is how many concepts and themes he weaves into his shoots. I also love he usually also shoots his model both in studio as well as outside featuring the bright Florida sun and lush green surroundings of his Tampa location. With Joe, it was the two images of standing naked by the pool that first drew me in.

I used one as 'pic of the day' and the other is the image just below. I love Joe's hands in the air, and the natural look to both images. If you look closely, the images were not so much planned but more a response to the liquid sunshine that started to fall during their shoot. Joe's body and great pose, along with the raindrops hitting the water and sides of the pool, create a beautiful moment well worth capturing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful posting!!!

Bobby F. said...

Perfectly smooth and perfectly beautiful. Thank you, Tye!!!!