Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Between The Lines: Richard Overfield by Andrew M Gleason

Whenever I am profiling any artist, especially with a photographer or a model, one of the most difficult tasks is image choice. My process for putting together a piece is to always collect images first. The words I type stem directly from the visuals that I am looking at, and spending time with as I type. It is impossible for me to write anything without narrowing down what images will lay above and below the type. Although I know many people may scroll quickly by the text to get to the genitalia, I know many viewers do read the words.

Some people find it hard to believe, but my criteria for images is rarely about the penis. You can see millions of those on the net. Big ones, small ones and photoshopped unrealistic ones, tumblr's make it particularly easy to glorify male body parts without the silly task of getting to know the man attached to it. I know there are some people who still buy cars based on color and body shape, but most with a brain, try to find out how reliable it is under the hood and beyond the shiny wax job.

Now don't get me wrong, Queen Creek, Arizona model Richard Overfield looks great on the outside.  Fit and lean body with great facial structure. He also has an adorable backside we get just a peak of. If you check out his Model Mayhem portfolio, or his profiles on It's About A Man, you will see tons of hot images and full nudes.

When I was choosing images for this piece however , I kept coming back to the images that most grabbed my attention and those were his work with Scottsdale, Arizona photographer Andrew M. Gleason. I love the mood Andrew captured and the beautiful angles of Richard's body he so beautifully memorialised. Andrew captured a soulful side of Richard, most notably by keeping his incredible blue eyes featured in most of the images.

'Working with Andrew is a truly great experience. He is one of the most professional photographers I have ever worked with and yet at the same time is very personable and friendly. Over the years his talent and skill has grown exponentially and he has become a good friend which is why I continue to shoot with him. He is extremely creative and thinks on his toes. You can see the gears turning in his head as he shoots. He has come very far in just a few short years and still continues to expand and grow his photography style.'

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Richard's looks are rooted in his German and Irish heritage. Richard states that from an early age he loved being in front of the camera, performing and entertaining. Richard describes himself as primarily a performer, director, producer and writer. His modeling, a hobby, shooting occasionally model for photographers and artists on projects he is passionate about. Richard also is motivated to improve, add and create new and interesting images to add to his portfolio and never turns down a genuine offer to create something unique and new with an artistic purpose. Over the years Richard has had the privilege of working with very talented photographers and artists. In addition to Andrew, Richard has shot with Brandon McGill, Justin Thai and most recently, with Lucas Ferrier.

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