Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How To Get Naked Camping Going...

' is a space for my musings about the erotic life. I address inner taboos around sex, and try to be brave in remaining close to my truth.'

One of my favorite artists to feature on FH is JayBee. His work always inspires, and even more importantly, always brings me joy. A couple of months ago, while working on a piece featuring his work, I noticed there were just two links on his site Frisky Frolic. One, was FH, the other was a site with name that just begged for a click, InnerTaboo.

Innertaboo had me at hello. Visually beautiful, inspiring and most of all free. Free of pretence, free of promotion, free of clothing. The Freedom stems directly from the sites owner whose goal is to create, educate and stimulate readers with images and stories from journey's, most of the naked of course. Man of the images on the site come from the owner, Jaybee and a photographer Mark Henley.

'I believe that there should be less shame around the human body or our sexual core component. Obviously some people share more than others. Everyone benefits when discussions flow, questions are answered, more eyes can see. If I am asking others to discard their unnecessary coverings, as appropriate, then I start first with myself.'

Of of the sites most popular pieces was 'How To Get Naked Camping Going' Many of my favorite pieces were the writer and his friends taking naked excursions hiking mountains, walking salt flats or just sitting. I love that the entertainment is not electronic based but simply letting the glory of their surroundings, the heat of the sun on their bodies, and their fellowship being the core of the experience. I hope to be that brave one day.

How To Get Naked Camping Going...

1. Love nature enough to get out there on your own. Become a true admirer of the outdoors – delighting in the trees, water, sunshine, mountains, desert, trails, whatever. That way, no matter how many people you get to come with you, you’re still enjoying this love affair with nature. Worth it almost no matter what.

2. When you say you’re going, follow through and go, also almost no matter what. Don’t back out. People can sense whether you’re waffling, testing the waters, or intent on going. Build trust. Form long-term relationships. Someone’s got to start the leadership. “If you build it, they will come” attitude (a line from the popular movie Field of Dreams). This is one of the most important principles.

5. Where can you go nude? In the freer world, almost anywhere away from other people! This means getting off the trail, going to more remote places. And carrying your shorts in your backpack, so that you can put them on quickly if you encounter another group approaching from far off.

The idea is to enjoy the sun and breeze on your skin, not to expose yourself to unsuspecting people. This might mean that you can only squeeze in a half hour here or there. Good enough! In other places it might be all day. In most places shirtless is cool.

6. Get nude yourself. This starts it. If you’re fit (notice I didn’t say perfect), many a person you invited on this trip will enjoy it, and do likewise hopefully. Don’t be too intent on everyone getting all the way nude. Some people are shy and take a bit to warm up. Invite once in a friendly way, otherwise just enjoy.

9. Be willing to dance with what comes your way. Don’t have too fixed an expectation, but put out a positive intention. This means you enjoy the people you’re with for a weekend, you make the best of a little rain, you get creative when someone forgot the campfire pan. Few things really are a crisis.

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Quayle said...

:-) Ha ha. Happy to see more of my naked self in other parts of the interwebs. Yay for naked camping and hiking! Good souls with beautiful bodies. It is great to be gay! ~Q