Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hunkiest Show Coming This Fall

With the television season's start just around the corner, it is time to start looking at the hunks who are about to become regular parts of our television watching lives. Thanks to a little inspiration from the image above from Mark Grantham, lets begin with The Flash!

I am a huge fan of producer and writer Greg Berlanti, and he has gathered an impressive stable of talented and sexy men to inhabit the world of The Flash. Actor Grant Gustin takes the lead starring as Barry Allen in a role that hopefully show off all of the actors skills. Glee missed it's opportunity to really show off Gustin's charm and talent, but with that show heading off into the sunset, Gustin ended up coming out on top.

'I let myself feel the pressure a little bit because I wanted to live up to The Flash and make the fans happy. If it had been a team of people that didn't know what they were doing, I probably wouldn't have gotten this role because they would have just cast a blonde guy who was buff. "They were looking for somebody who encompassed the heart of Barry Allen and at first, I didn't realize I did. Now that I've explored the character, the comics, read the scripts and talked to [the producers], I understand why I got this role. It will probably forever be my favorite character that I'll ever get to play.'

As likable and adorable as Gustin is, he would have to wear wear the burden of being the only hunk on the show. When the series premiers on the CW on October 7th, Gustin will be joined by a slew of actors from original Flash, John Wesley Shipp as his dad to the brothers from Prison Break making an appearance or two. Below, check out some of the men who will co-star and guest star on THE FLASH!

Greg Finley (Girder)

Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne)

Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells)

Jessie L. Martin (Detective Joe West)

John Wesley Shipp (Henry Allen)

Wentworth Miller (Captain Gold) & Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave)

Canadian cousins, Stephen (Arrow) & Robbie (Firestorm) Amell.

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