Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sequel: Michael Annese by Dale Pierce Photography

With motion pictures, sequels are generally made when the original was a success with audiences. Although this success is generally financially motivated, the success could also be thought of in terms of creating a product that audiences want to see more of, or a product with potential, worth exploring in different ways and in greater detail.

A good sequel starts by taking what audiences loved about a film or character and putting them in new and different situations. That is exactly what photographer Dale Pierce does here with model Michael Annese. In my first feature focused on their work together, (The Promise) Dale shot Michael throughout his New York Studio space, in hallways, doorways, elevators and window ledges. For the sequel, a new environment to showcase Michael's look and abilities was required.

I can't think of a better setting to surround Michael with, nor a better contrast from Dale's studio than the tree's rock and incredible waterfall. Dale reports 'The day was beautiful.The waterfall is private.' which gave artist and model plenty of time to get the shots they wanted. I especially love the wonderful lines and exquisite poses captured, that equal the beauty and tranquility which surround them.

If you remember the first feature, you may recall that I entitled the piece on their work The Promise, because of Dale's promise to Michael to create a professional portfolio with images that would bring him attention. That promise has come to fruition. Not only did Dale's images bring Michael positive feedback and offers, Michael has just completed a shoot in New York, with other projects and shoots on the horizon.

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