Friday, October 10, 2014

A Double Dose of Donny by Nathan Scott

I concluded my September posts on the blog by joining Dallas photographer Nathan Scott, who along with model Donny, were heading to the beach for a day at Lake Ray Hubbard. As with most of the work that Nathan generously shares, there were again so many great images of Donny, a part two became mandatory.

Nathan was juggling four separate goals that day on the lake. The images were shot for two separate ad campaigns, one for a handbag designer, and the second for Blue Collar Underwear. There were also images to be shot for a magazine layout in Pastiche, and separate images to help complete Donny's modeling portfolio.

For this shoot, the images again were shot with more than one goal in mind! Some of the images were shot for Zahid Latif Copenhagen and most of the shots featuring underwear clinging happily to Donny's incredible body were for the the designers campaign. The remaining clothed shots, with the brand showing, were done for Donny's agency portfolio.

Nathan's images are always rich in texture, and I love how he so beautifully incorporates model with their surroundings. Whether it be in a shower or bathroom, a backyard or Lake Ray Hubbard, the personality of the location always adds to the images overall effect and feel. I love that in almost every image, Donny is shot in a different part of the shooting location. In front of brick wall, fences and on stairs. One of my favorite images is the shot in which Nathan pulls in the graffiti on the wall with the text 'Where does nature fit into all this' giving unplanned, but interesting meaning to the image.

Given they have worked together several times now, there seems an increased level of comfortability and confidence with Donny that definitely comes through within the images. Although Donny fills out his skivvies more than adequately, I really love that Nathan didn't just pose Donny still in front of something in order to focus in on just the underwear. Instead, Nathan created a situation with the car, Donny's corvette btw, that provided great opportunities and movement that captured both the underwear, and Donny's physique, in a more natural way, ultimately creating much hotter, and much more interesting imagery.

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