Thursday, October 2, 2014

Locker Room: Just One Of The Guys

Long before Amanda Bynes got the idea in 'She's The Man', actress Joyce Hyser was strapping back her breasts and heading into the boys locker room in the 1985 teen comedy 'Just One Of The Guys'. I sort of remember seeing this flick years ago on VHS, but I had forgotten all about it until working on my Blast From The Past piece last week on actor William Zabka.

Hyser with actor Leigh McCloskey

I can't exactly recommend the film, but I did remember a couple of locker room scenes that required checking it out again. Most teen comedies in the 80's and 90's relied on at least one or two locker room scenes for both a little comedy, and a little skin. With Just One Of The Guys, both were rather scarce. Having the female, pretending to be a male as the towel boy seems ripe for great comedy, but the throw away bit doesn't really amount to much more than I have capped below.

Zabta with Billy Jacoby

The one thing I did enjoy about the movie was rediscovering how much I used to crush over actor Billy Jacoby. Billy was a scene stealer in most of his movies and when I watch this as a kid, more than crush worth. Billy is still looking fine (see below) and now goes by Billy Jayne for his acting credits. Billy was fixture on television and movies in the eighties and nineties and was last seen on TV in 2010 in an episode of The United States Of Tara.

Billy in Just One Of The Guys

Billy now

Into the locker room

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