Monday, November 10, 2014

Guy In Van

'Being born during a lunar eclipse can have it drawbacks, one of them is creating three little monster kids who are psychopaths. Killing at random and with great delight!'

TCM continues to surprise. In addition to showcasing Hollywood greats, the channel has also introduced me to some cult classics I have never would have seen, nor heard of, if not for the network. Saturday nights in particular have unveiled some gems with TCM's Underground. This is where you can find some great 70's and 80's cult, and camp classics.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of catching 1981's Bloody Birthday. Odd and mildly disturbing account of three every evil and murderess children who have no limits, nor any empathy or regrets of any kind. Watching these three 10 years wreak such havoc was a creepy blast. The film's cast included Susan Strasberg, Jose Ferrer, small roles for Michael Dudikoff and Joe Penny and Billy Jacoby as the leader of the three evil spawn children.

Like many cult classics, this flick had it's share of gratuitous nudity. Most of the nudity was of course female with breasts flying freely, oddly mostly in scenes involving the children. A peep hole provides the action for many scenes in the flick, both for some nudity and tons of violence. About three quarters in though we this little scene, heavy on the gratuity, this time though with both a girl and a guy.

The guy, who is actually only credited as guy in van, is played by the adorable and sexy John Avery. John had a brief career on screen in the early 80's with appearances in Ark II, Wacko and a guest shot on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. John is so 70's hot with that great face of his, framed by his sexy shaggy hair. Director Ed Hunt thankfully did not shy away from showing John's beautiful behind in it's full glory.

Sadly, John and his partner, girl in van, had not been around enough to learn the cardinal rule about sex in a horror film. In fact, their brief, and last, encounter in the van has a very bloody ending thanks to Jacoby's character Curtis.

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