Monday, November 10, 2014


November 11th is Veterans Day in the US and also Remembrance Day in Canada & The UK. A time to remember all who served, especially those who lost their lives, lost limbs and most of all lost hope. Many young men and women returned home to little or no support and any served silently, not asking, not telling, having to hide who they are. Hiding in secret as ironically they risked, and often lost, their lives for countries not able to accept or deal with who feelings beyond their control.

Maybe it's because I am getting older. Maybe it is too many old movies, or episodes of Downton Abbey. This year I think not about those who others remember. Not grandfathers, whose images still appear on mantels or great grandfathers in photo albums. This year I remember all those who never got the chance to live long enough to be remembered. Those who never had a chance to marry, have children or leave behind a generation of people to miss or morn for them. The orphans, the lonely and sthose who went to war as kids, and never had the chance to become adults. The faceless and forgotten, remembered today.

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