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Fluidity & Grace: Drew Bacchae by lionart609

'I had this id'ea, very top of mind when I began shooting Drew. When I captured him in this Lotus variation I was seated in Lotus position myself directly in front of him. It was a beautiful moment for me.'

Below: Drew & Ken Scott

There are many photographers skilled at shooting the male form as an object of sexual desire. This focus on the physical body can create beautifully erotic images but with boundaries that remain fixed within the four borders which surround it. There are other artists, who view the human body is more expansive, reaching out beyond the limits of the images borders. It is as though the the image is the core of something, something that reaches out beyond the framing through movement and lines.

Below: Drew with models Strobed and Elijiah

Symmetry and lines are themes I have explored many times on FH. Not all photographers or models are able to create moments of movements, but when done right have a depth that resonates. This is often especially evident in shoots which involve dancers, acrobats and models who have a connection not just with their physical body, but their spiritual self as well. This connection is most present in the work of Jeff Linn (lionart609) whose goal is to work with models able to help express his passion for the beauty of the human form and the yogic mind. Merging the two in the visual expression of the spirit is Jeff's goal.

'When working with multiple models there are many more details to pay attention to; the eyes, the hands, the feet position, expression, etc. all multiplied and all in varying degrees of control. Its almost a feeling, poised with camera ready waiting for that… Now, release the shutter moment. As you can guess its compounded further with a prop like powder. Multiple models moving quickly into an action that explodes powder into the air. Their action however is fast and the powder is slower so again its trying to capture that moment, waiting… just that second later when the dust starts to settle.'

The images featured here are the result of 3 different shoots between Jeff and model Drew Bacchae. Although there are different locations, themes and some include other models, Jeff says that the basic premise of what he look for carries through each time, although it can get a little more difficult to find that moment he is looking for when additional variables are added to the set. Jeff's formal training comes from studying at the California College of Art. After graduation Jeff worked as an illustrator for a national clothing company. His job evolved over the years from drawing, design and then on to video. Throughout the changes however, the one art form that was constant was photography. 'I am continually exploring my expression of the body through many mediums I paint, write, sculpt and shoot this subject however I've never really felt the need to show much of my work until recently, so much of my work has just been for me scratch that creative itch.'

'I first met Drew at a photo workshop in San Francisco, in which he was one of four models for the day. I was immediately drawn to him and 90 percent of the shots I took that day included him. I saw classic beauty in him and when given the opportunity I dedicated my studio time to capturing him in situations that I felt combined my aesthetic with his beauty. I know that its not common practice to refer to athletic strong males as beautiful but that is the way I view the body and certainly what I attempt to convey in my images.'

'I look to show great strength and power in calmness and in fluidity and grace, the subtle can say a great deal more than the obvious. For instance where is he looking, the eyes are the greatest tool a photographer can use to infuse meaning or connection with the viewer. Details matter, tension in the muscles without strain, fluidity rather rigidity, many models can achieve certain poses but is there grace in doing so... not always, but that is what I felt I found in Drew.'

'I have spent several years practicing yoga and working to enter that very space. Pushing the body into a strong tense position yet maintaining a calm, relaxed state. I suppose this is the feeling that I want to capture in images. I would say the same holds true in the leather series. I wanted to bring that tough fetish message that you typically see in dark moody settings and give it light and air and openness. For the powder series I looked for moments of power that were surrounded in soft light, moments of tension with delicacy. I guess you could say its trying to achieve balance; the light the dark, the strong the soft, tension and grace all occupying the same space. I am very lucky to be able to work with Drew I feel he brings that balance into my images and its my job to refine the details and capture that moment.'

Drew Bacchae on Model Mayhem

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