Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lobbied: Un Amour Infini

I am not really sure if movie lobby cards are still used much for promotion, but there was a time they were in high demand for film collectors. 1981's Endless Love may not have raked in tons at the box office, or won much critical acclaim, but it did leave an impression on many. Like his characters obsession with Brooke Shields, many fans of the original film find it difficult to get thoughts of actor Martin Hewitt out of their minds.

I first saw the flick on VHS in the 90's, but every time it returns to television, or I see an image I fall again in lust with Hewitt. It was interesting to me to see the focus on not just Martin, but the male skin (including co-star James Spader) in the films French and German lobby cards. Or course most countries are not as hung up on male nudity as America is, but I am still sort of surprised it was the male skinning, and not Shields that was promoted, especially for a film released in the early 80's. Like The Blue Lagoon though, I guess some back then knew that it would be her male co-stars, not Shields, who would be remembered from the films.

Below: A particular favorite... not a surprise. The last image is from my 2012 post on Martin that you can find HERE:

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