Sunday, November 9, 2014

In The Spirit: Westopher by John M Clum

It has been far too long since I had the pleasure of featuring the work of artist John M Clum. John's images of model and personal trainer Westopher make a perfectly timed return though, especially given John's wardrobe and color choices. John's motto, photography through the eyes of a painter, is always ever present within his images and with Westopher, the base colors are white and red.

I am pretty sure winter, and especially Christmas, were on John's mind when he shot West Hollywood's Westopher, but they were on mine when I saw them. I was away the last few days, and given how mild it was when I headed out, I left some of my windows open. Arriving home this morning, my house was freezing and for the first time this year, the furnace was put on. The temperature had dropped close to 15 degree's since I had left. After I settled back in, I began (finally) to put away my Halloween decorations and as I did, felt my first flicker of Christmas spirit.

It is far too early to haul out the Christmas stuff, but Westopher's long socks, especially with the red and white candy cain stripes, have me thinking of the season as I hauled out my own long socks and heavier winter clothes. Westopher's attire, may not exactly keep him warm on those cold (well coolish) California winter nights, but they do heat up those enjoying the results of his work with John.

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