Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 Days: Charlie Carrick in Holidaze

#10 Charlie Carrick

Although it is Cameron Mathison and Jennie Garth who star, neither had me wanting to finish the 2013 ABC Family flick Holidaze. Thankfully, I got to turn it off after about 15 minutes, after Garth's one night stand with the sizzling Charlie Carrick.

Some actors just have that 'it factor' that have you wanting to see more, and Canadian based actor Carrick has it. Both Garth and Mathison are likeable enough, but neither really has enough spark to hold an audiences attention for an entire movie, both over act just enough not to be believable. Carrick may only have had a couple of scenes, but those were enough to have me searching out more of his work.

'Growing up in Newcastle, England, he felt insecure while attending the prestigious all-boys Royal Grammar School, "a big huge stone building with huge portraits of guys in funny wigs kind of thing," he said. "When I was 16, I just wanted to be less self-conscious, so I was very envious of kids who were not self-conscious." Theatre, books and films were always important to him, though, and eventually he got into acting. Carrick came to live in Canada because his mother was born in Montreal and he found it an appealing country in which to live and build his acting career.'

Charlie in Molly Maxwell
MM Caps via Restituda1's World of Male Nudity

Charlie in The Borgias
Above: With Sean Harris (standing)

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