Friday, December 26, 2014

12 Days: The Conclusion, Ivan Sergei in Santa Baby

I promise this is the finale, after my Bakers Dozen post on 12 Days, I knew there would have to be one more. I don't think of myself as the least bit superstitious, I love black cats, walk under ladders and never hesitate to step on cracks. But... I do struggle with 13. In all the photographer and model profiles I have done, I don't think I have ever done one with 13 images. I have even dropped an image I loved, or added one I didn't love so much to ensure the images were below or above 13.

That being said, I sort of always knew my final 12 Days post would be actor Ivan Sergei. I did not watch 2006's Santa Baby this Christmas. Time flew by, and as well, the few parts of Jenny McCarthy I liked a little, have all but vanished since her year on The View. But... I remember vividly falling instantly for Ivan the first time I saw it.

Hailing from New Jersey, I first thought Ivan must have been from somewhere European until googling him for a small piece I did on the blog a few years ago. Ivan, along with co-star George Wendt, wisely skipped the horrid Santa Baby 2. When you replace someone like Ivan with Dean McDermott, the writing is on the wall. Ivan has a couple of movies coming out next year and also stars on Granite Flats, a television show I not heard of, on a network I also never heard of. More googling in order!

Check out the complete 12 Days Series HERE: Not only does it include the 14 Christmas hunks from this year, I added some of the profiles from previous holiday seasons!

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