Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Franco Fatigue

'James Franco and Seth Rogen. Milking the "pretending to be gay joke," week after week, month after month, year after year. Please. Stop. Insulting, annoying and tiresome. So very tiresome.'

We all television shows can 'jump the shark' but what do you call it when an actor has stayed long past his expiration date? I have been planning a piece for awhile about James Franco, an actor I once saw as one of the best new young actors in the business. He still is a great actor, but his decision to appear in almost anything, and I mean anything, at at any time has now made him both annoying and boring.

The quote at the top came from photographer Richard Rothstein page and I could not agree more. Franco's SNL stint this weekend wasn't bad, but his mugging combined with his self importance had moved him quickly from edgy to old. Franco's decision to create a public persona, including using Instagram and social media, his General Hospital appearances, his funny or die sketches and most of all his bromance with Seth Rogen have all become rather.. uninspired. Franco and Rogen continue to be good actors, but this 'we're pretending to act like h o m o sexuals was funny for a quick second at the start, but I can only guess the only ones still laughing are dim witted straight teenagers who still listen Kiss and Poison, love Steven Seagal movies and think there is nothing funnier than a fart joke. (although I admit, nothing beats a good fart joke...)

It is time for Franco to focus on his movies and spend less time trying to be cool in the media. He really has a great body of work, but his current need to gain self gratification through social media is impacting his ability to be effective on the screen. If he wants his career to keep chugging on lame comedies, then I guess it's ok, but if he wants a return to some of the dramatic work he is so good at I hope he goes away for awhile and returns with something he hasn't had for awhile... a great role.

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