Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DAVISICON: Visible Tension

'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.'
Theodore Roosevelt

Whenever I am putting together a piece about a specific shoot, I like to get a feel for how it went and any comments from the participants on what the experience was like. DAVISICON creator and photographer William, always has great comments, on the creation process and the time and work that went into creating the beauteous, flawless final images he creates.

Sometimes however, the results stem from an artist having to work with what is, scrapping original plans and concepts and use what is working. William could tell right away that Alexander was not totally at ease in front of the camera. So many photographers describe models in terms of comfortability, and the natural way they interact with the camera, and the artist behind it. Sometimes when is a model is inexperienced, even timid it is up to the photographer to draw them out to get the shots they are looking for.

With Alexander, William took a different approach. What he saw when looking through the camera both subtle and strong but instead of trying to change what he saw, he instead utilized Alexander's masculine beauty and even the shyness and vulnerability that draws you directly, and intensely to his incredible blue eyes.

It was I who requested from William to feature his work with Alexander as I felt there was great power and emotions within the portraits, I had assumed the emotions were planned and directed, but they actually have more depth knowing they were generic to the experience. It is a testament to the initial potential William saw in Alexander, and his skill as an artist that the resulting images hold the viewers attention. Once William saw what working, and his focus became solely Alexander's incredible face and eyes, beautiful moments of tension were captured.

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