Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Steeped: Patrick Tarpey by Suntown Photography

'We worked outside for a couple of hours before returning back to the hotel. The final sequence in the shoot was within the room.'

Just before Christmas, FH joined Suntown Photography, along with model Patrick Tarpey, on location within the fir trees, on the rocks and moss with the forest location in which they were shooting. In that piece,(The Grove) Patrick took us along for the adventure and shared stories about his experiences modeling thus far, and his adventures within the woods. 'The weather was overcast but dry, the only problem was that the ground was wet and I'd occasionally slip when scaling obstacles in the forest - which if you're completely naked is probably a hilarious sight.'

Suntown sent on an huge selection of images from the shoot, so many that I wanted to focus the first piece on a selection of images connected to one specific location within the woods. Never one to pass up sharing great images, I asked Suntown and Patrick if I could do a follow-up using images from the final sequence once they left the location and headed back to the hotel.

With the shoot completed, and all of those poses (and naked slip and slides) Patrick need to relax, steeping both a cup of tea, and his body after the long day. Both set of images,these from within the hotel, and the previous set outside, both beautifully fit into FH's 2015 theme of 'behind the scenes.' Although Suntown captured many incredible shots, his camera clicked consistently from the days beginning, to it's actual steamy ending.

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