Thursday, January 15, 2015

Favorite Face Of The Day: Cleo Anthony

I am not sure how many of you have watched Transparent, but if you have yet to give the show a try, now is the time. In addition to brilliant performances by the entire cast (why was Judith Light wasting her time on Dallas...) the show has haunting music, complex characters highlighted by the beautiful turn by Jeffrey Tambor who Golden Globe win last week was very well deserved. I love that Tambor's Maura is written so well, at times she is completely unsympathetic and unlikable which makes watching that much more rewarding.

I love, for different reasons, each of Maura's three children. Seeing Gaby Hoffmann however, who I remember as a little girl in Field of Dreams, Now & Then and Uncle Buck, as the drugged up, sexed up and oh so physically, and emotionally naked Ali, took a minute or two to digest.

I know I am not the only one who, like Ali did when she caught site of Derek working out in the park, was astonished at how incredible he was. Those beautiful eyes, that great face and body. I could not stop admiring (yeah admiring) Cleo's back, and back side, understanding all the hours at the gym he must put in to have a back like that. Hoffmann's Ali may have a type, but Derek would make anyone stop in their tracks. Derek is played actor Cleo Anthony, and from his three episodes in Transparent, I predict is headed for big things.

Some of you may know the actor, and former model, from his roles in Divergent, Mistresses, NCIS and as Raspberry Richard in the Joan Rivers show, Romancing The Joan. In Rollin', the shows third episode, Ali decides to use a little pharmaceutical assistance to help Derek enter into a threesome with his equally hot room mate Mike, played by actor Amin Joseph. Ali has sadly mistaken the situation and instead of a three way, she attempts to be the go-between for a not happening two way between Derek and Mike. This seems to have ended any interest Derek had in Ali, but hopefully he might come back for episodes in season 2.


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Transparent: Episode 3, Rollin'

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