Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good Lord... Gillingham

' I made a long journey to ask a short question. Will you marry me?'
Lord Gillingham

Although admittedly, I am still donning black in mourning for Matthew, but that aside, I still can't muster much enthusiasm for the many men circling our Lady Mary. That is especially the case with Lord Gillingham, aka Anthony Foyle. Although they just spent the weekend away, I still don't see this couple as the shows end game.

That doesn't mean however I can't appreciate the appeal of Welsh actor and writer Tom Cullen. Mary was wise to bring protection, (but buy your own next time my Lady...poor Anna has been through enough!) as our good Lord has a bit of history. In 2011's Weekend, Cullen played Russell, a struggling and repressed lifeguard whose weekend with Glen (Chris New) helps to begin his process of self change.

World Without End 2012

Weekend 2011

'What is a weekend?'
The Dowager

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I think Lord Gillingham is hot, those pictures put him a whole new light. Thanks!!!