Thursday, January 22, 2015

Joel Swanner: Getting Off Easy

'I'm just easy going and looking to see how far I can go in the modeling world.'

Sometimes the appeal of a model or an image isn't just what you see, but what you think you don't. The first image I saw of 23 year old Phoenix model Joel Swanner was the image directly below from photographer Lucas Ferrier. I have always loved how sophisticated and sexy Ferrier's work is weaving form and fashion, skin and style.

Having shot for most of the major agencies in around the globe, Ferrier is keenly aware of what agencies are looking for and knows how to style his images so that every man in front of his camera looks as a model should. That doesn't mean however, the man behind the model exterior isn't peeking out somewhere. One of the markers of skilled photographer is their ability to capture a piece of that man, regardless of what look or theme they are shooting.

As sophisticated and clean as these images of Joel are, there is something a bit more beaming through his incredible green eyes. Although the photographs may look like the should be gracing the cover of GQ, I couldn't help but feeling there was another magazine, one a bit wilder, and with more of an edge that might better suit Joel...

Images of Joel above from Lucas Ferrier


Images of Joel below from Bobby Shahideh

When Joel let me know that he supported me profiling him on FH, he didn't have much more to say only that he was just an easy going kind of guy. Easy going to many might mean relaxed, but to me it is more about a freedom and confidence about who you are and what you want. This comes through clearly in Joel's work, maybe especially in this second set of images from photographer Bobby Shahideh.

Bobby's images have an erotic edge and directness which compliment and balance out Joel's portfolio and provide a perfect contrast for Joel's work with Lucas. The hair a little less perfect, the body hair a little less manscaped, Joel's poses and facial expressions a bit more raw and intense. I am not sure either set of images totally sum up who the easy going man is behind those green eyes, but they both do capture many enticing sides.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally smitten with him, one of my favorite performers, so hot

Anonymous said...

He's totally hot...OMG!