Wednesday, February 11, 2015

At The End of The End of The Day: Joel by Mark Leighton

'That feeling, usually at the end of the day, work is done and you're home. Your shoes, and often your clothes, are off and on the floor, and you're free from the stresses of the day... Even if just temporarily, for the next eight, ten or twelve hours you're time is your. The sensation of both beautiful relaxation and erotic freedom.'

It is beautifully appropriate that Joel headlines the eighth, and final, installment of Mark Leighton's At The End Of The Day. Although Mark and I officially began the series back in November with Shane, it was two stories I did last August with Joel, (A Layover in Lagos & Sans Sand) that stimulated the idea.

Joel's look is ethereal, beautiful body, incredible hair, great face and lips and piercing blue eyes that draw your attention in each of Mark's images. Joel's coloring looks amazing on both the mauve (I hope it's mauve) bedspread or laying in and under the blues and green's of the water of Algarve where the shoot occured.

I want to thank Mark Leighton for all the incredible images he sent on for the series. With all of the incredible models and images Mark sent on, what was supposed to be a one off piece because an eight part series which deffinately brightened up this east coast blogger over this freezing and snow filled winter!

If you missed out on any of the series, you can check out all of the men who helped our days, Shane, Jacopo, M Smit, Miguel, Ashleigh, Victor, Chris & now Joel, here At The End Of The Day.

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