Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Curtain Down!

The final curtain came down on Fox's Glee last Friday. Like many of you, I basically left the show at intermission a few seasons ago. I have only watched two episodes this season, but still went ahead and DVDR'd the finale. There have been many articles and theories written about why the once giant hit lost it's way, and most of their audience as well. For me, the show lost it's way for two main reasons. First, when the show turned all it's half nots, the heart and core of the show, into narcissistic ass holes. There was something troubling about rooting for characters who were ostracised, and fought hard to belong, who now were exhibiting the same bullying and hurtful behaviour towards others. It was irony the producers of the show seemed to not get, or at least ignore. Most of the members of the Glee club were cable of cruelty far above what they themselves endured.

Secondly, for me the show lost my attention once the once assemble driven hour became the Kurt & Rachel show. Kurt and Rachel were both great characters, especially in the pilot. But when they were made the main leads, they became insufferable, turning two unique TV characters into self absorbed whiners. My favorite Glee characters were always on the fringe, Mercedes, Mike, Brittany, Tina and Sam. All were written off, figuratively and literally, then all came back when for small arcs from time to time, but never ones that upstage Rachel and Kurt. It was nice to see them all back in the show's finale, even thoug some, only for a few fleeting seconds at the very end. If you blinked you would missed many of the former members of the club. All that being said, I loved Glee, especially in it's first two, maybe three seasons. Glee had and impact on many viewers including myself. I was surprised that there are close to 75 posts under my Glee label on FH, beginning with my post full of LOVE for the pilot back in 2009. In-between that post and this one there were many other features, most featuring as many shirtless shots of Harry Shum Jr and Chord Overstreet I could find! I hope those posts, to continue! Thanks Glee for many enjoyable hours, especially back when you were on Tuesdays.

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