Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Favorite Face of the Day: Nathan Parsons

As always, I am late to the party. I was a big fan of True Blood in it's first three seasons, but my watching has been hit and miss the last few years. Because of the time I put in though, I decided to try to finish the show with HBO on Demand which allows viewers to catch every season of most of their shows. I decided to begin with the end so have been making my way through season 7, the show's last.

Maybe it is because I know the show is over, but I have been enjoying it much more than I thought, especially with one of season 7's hottest highlights, the incredibly sexy Nathan Parsons. The character of James was first introduced in the form of actor Luke Grimes, but Grimes seemed to get cold feet with the characters direction so enter the talented Parsons.

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James is intrigued with Lafayette, and although they begin as friends, and blood brothers, the relationship soon takes a turn for the carnal. With most of the cast either annoying me, or already killed off, it was nice to have a character, and an actor to follow. I have never been a huge fan of Lafayette, but finally, through James' eyes, I can get the appeal. Most of characters on True Blood are a bit extreme, but Parsons keeps James planted a bit closer to the ground.

True Blood

Nathan Parsons has a great presence on screen, amazing face and hair and such incredible eyes. Parsons also has the one of the best toros on television, which is why most of the shows he appears on seem to take full advantage of. Although James and Lafayette have a few steamy scenes, True Blood surprisingly enough, kept Parsons clothes on.

General Hospital


The Originals

The Brotherhood V: Alumni (2009)

Like many young actors, new to the business, A David Decoteau movie is almost a right of passage. For Parson's it was 2009's The Brotherhood V Alumni. Decoteau keeps boxer brief makers in business and Parsons fill his grey ones out rather nicely.

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