Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eight Days Of The Week: Wednesday

With Reality TV (Idol, Big Brother & Survivor) dominating much of Wednesdays Prime Time line-up, choosing my favorite Wednesday 5 was not a difficult task. Although just my third instalment of Eight Days, Hump Days proved the easiest for making choices thus far. The only real decision was whether to include one, two or all of Empire's luscious Lyon brothers.

Charlie McDermott in The Middle

To me, The Middle is one of televisions best, and also under appreciated shows. Although the kids, (Sue & Brick in particular) can grate on your nerves from time to time, the show is a true slice of life for many working American families. I love the show's holiday episodes, no holiday is left untouched and no celebrity event (The Oscar's, Royal Weddings) are ignored by Frankie, (Patricia Heaton) or the writers. I also love me some Axel played Charlie McDermott. McDermott is not just adorable, (in or out of his boxers) he is a talented actor who turns the mean older brother into a warm and winning character. I hope The Middle returns for another season, but producers and networks are already after McDermott who has recently signed on as the lead in the CBS pilot Super Clyde. I hope no matter what happens with the new shot, Axel continues to stress out his parents for another season or two.

Jonathan Jackson in Nashville

I am not sure why I don't watch Nashville, it has everything I usually love in a tv show. Great actors, music, soapy drama and plenty of male eye candy including the beautiful and talented Jonathan Jackson. Jackson is a great actor and has one of the most beautiful faces on television. I just began enjoying Parenthood after it's cancellation so maybe Nashville will be like one of the many shows I dive into and devour after it has left the air.

Simon Baker in The Mentalist

The Mentalist is another show I don't watch, it might because it is one of my parents favorite shows, but it has never been a draw. That doesn't mean I don't love it's star Simon Baker. I have been enjoying Simon since first seeing some of his early role in movies and on Australian tv shows in the early 90's. Simon is one of those actors who has mass appeal, but I sort of enjoy him in roles where he has more of an edge, showing his darker side. Hopefully with The Mentalist ending, he will find his way back to the big screen.

Trai Byers in Empire

I love how over Empire's first short season, writer gave each of the brothers moments to shine. In the pilot, the focus was on Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and after his first song, I instantly loved Jussie and his character. In the next few episodes the ultra hot Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) was given the spotlight, and Lyons share of shirtless scenes. All the while however, simmering in the background was Andre Lyon. Played by the amazing Trai Byers, as the battle for his father's record company raged on, Andre was heading for a breakdown. I barely paid attention, except for his magnificent chest, to Trai at first, his character seemed the weakest link in the trio of Lyon brothers. Within a few episodes however, the writers, and Byers turned Andre into the shows most interesting brother to watch.

Stephen Amell in Arrow

Stephen Amell is quite simply one of televisions hottest actors. In addition to his incredible face and body however, is the fact that Amell is not only a talented actor, he also seems like a caring and sincere guy who seems to have great respect and appreciation for those who admire his work. I remember first seeing Amell, and his breathtaking backside on an episode of Dante's Cove. It was no surprise to watch Amell quickly move from supporting roles on Canadian TV to being the lead on his own prime time US television show.

Amell on Hung

Amell on Dante's Cove

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