Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Max's Underpants

I was surprisingly slow getting into Max's underpants, but I have made up for it with multiple visits. If you missed out on model, actor and writer Max Emerson's first episode of Max's Underpants, check out his youtube channel HERE:

In episode 2, Max and sidekick Willam Belli are joined by model Colby Melvin in an instalment entitled The Straight Model. Not only witty, funny and incredible sexy, Max shines a light on a subject that all of us who follow the industry are curious about. Often we see models together in situations which involve little to no clothing or fashion. I especially love when a photographer chooses to surround a clothed female celebrity with a dozen or so naked male models.

I am sure our fantasy's of how these shoots progress are much more exciting that how things actually go, (or maybe not) but Max smartly keeps his focus on how we think things go, making for fun and enjoyable ride. Make sure to subscribe after watching the video!

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