Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Paragon: André L by mateo_photographie

I am above all interested in :
* colours and geometry, which is one side of my work
* intimacy : who are the people around me, what do they do...
* a combination of both resulting in a particular focus on the beauty of the bodies.

When I discovered the work of French artist and photographer Mateo Armand, it was his images of André L that initially stood out to me. I couldn't think of a better paragon to represent Mateo's dynamic and colorful images. Mateo shoots many of his models in various themes and with different techniques a his work with André in his Iconic series ended up being some of my favorites from his portfolio.

Incredibly good looking, André appears at ease in front of Mateo's lens, all the more impressive considering André is not a professional model. From his Paris studio, 33 year old Mateo captured beautifully Andre's face in brilliant portraits and his incredible chest and body. Mateo has an wonderful focus on background, using both color and texture to bring out emotion and facets of personality from the men and women he shoots. The bright pink and blues especially beautifully flank André to elevate the images in strength and beauty.

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Unknown said...

Très très beau modèle qui possède un charisme fou !