Monday, April 13, 2015

Proportional Representation

After two years of teasing, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally announced yesterday she would seek the Democratic nomination for the 2016 election. Hillary, (above with Bill) is barely out of the gate, but has already encountered obstacles and speed bumps. Loved and hated, I am curious as to what Hillary's Presidency will be like. I respect her determination, and although it is far from a sure thing, I wish her well with all of the attacks coming her way.

I never found Bill an especially good looking man, handsome yes, but a little too cool for school for me. Almost everyone he encounters however, talks of that Clinton charisma. This had me thinking of other political figures known for their charisma...but... then I remembered this if FH so I instead went straight to the physical. Here are 10 of my favorite members of the political machine. Some are currently serving, some are not but all look pretty darned good in front of the camera.

Aaron Schock

The representative from Illinois served for over 5 years, but his Downton Abbey inspired office redecoration and his flirting with celebrity brought Republican Aaron Schock a lot of criticism along with all that attention. Although he looks great on the cover of Men's Health, his last year in limelight proved too much for many. Schock reigned this past March.

Martin Heinrich

The Democratic Senator for New Mexico, 43 year old Martin Heinrich has beautiful eyes and that jaw and face, is meant for the camera, and maybe one day a bill of currency...

Adam Kinzinger

Republican representative from Illinois Adam Kinzinger has been getting quite a bit of press recently which brought he, and his handsome face onto the list!

Alejandro García Padilla

The current Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla has a brilliant smile and great look that ensured he made the cut!

Cedric Richmond

Louisiana representative Cedric Richmond impressed me back in 2012 when I was first introduced to him during the media's coverage of Hurricane Isaac.

Gavin Newsom

I have long loved California's lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom for his stance on gay marriage. Best of luck to Newsom as he begins planning his campaign for Governor in 2018.

Joseph Kennedy III

I needed a hot ginger on my list, and a Kennedy. Joseph Kennedy III fits both requirements perfectly!

Justin Trudeau

Many Canadians think their country might be creating it's own political dynasty if Justin Trudeau becomes the next Prime Minister in a soon to be called election.

Sean Patrick Maloney

New York representative Sean Patrick Maloney, above with husband Randy Florke, had to make the list!

Brian Gallant

I don't know much about the recently elected Premier of New Brunswick, but Brian Gallant... is hot!

Scott Brown

No list would be complete without the inclusion of Scott Brown and pubilicious Cosmo spread. Brown may not be everyone' cup of tea but he does have me in full support of the Grandfather clause...


MostFun said...

what about Brian Sims from PA?

TyeBriggs said...

Had not heard of him, but yes, he is most definitely worthy of a mention on the list!