Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reality Bytes

On this week's Survivor, the mane man, Joe Anglim sadly got the book. One of this seasons best, and hottest, players, sadly didn't stand a chance once he didn't win immunity. He was too good and too much of a threat to risk keeping another week. The up side is likely for Joe to win fan favorite or to be asked back for another season.

As much as I love Kevin Martin spending so much time in his undies, and he does spend a lot of time in them, I had lost respect for his unnecessary game play this week on Big Brother Canada. Many will argue his targeting of Johnny in the veto was a game move, but to me it was a bad and needless one. As a poker player Kevin is supposed to know when to hold them. Kevin could have gone from Britnee or Sarah explaining Johnny was his friend and saved him last week. This would have been understood by most and kept him from being a target. Instead, he chose to simply hurt his ally in a move that was just to obviously a ploy to impress Bruno to be truly believable.

Me thinks the decision may come back to hurt Kevin as anyone connected with him should remember how quickly, and easily, he cuts ties when the chips are down. Kevin may not have showed it, but he clearly was hot and bothered about his decision. This was evident by the fact he could not even stand sleeping his tight undies after the comp.

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