Thursday, April 16, 2015

Heavy-Duty: Tex by Fred Sugar

'Everything’s bigger in Texas!'

I have been a fan of photographer Fred Sugar for awhile now, and glad to be able to feature some of his imagery. I love Fred's straight forward, clean and organic way of shooting the male form. This is specially evident when that form comes in such an impressive package like that of the strapping and oh so sexy Tex. Tex has a winning smile that melts you on first glance.  Fred captured that smile, and all that Tex has to smile about, for all of us to enjoy. Tex is just one of many models showcased on Fred's new site.

'Mainly when it comes to photography, I like nice simple backgrounds, love playing with lighting, all of the typical things. As for models, I love real people, I like guys who have lived, rugged looks. I like women the same way. Not a fan of any kinds of plastic surgery, botox or any of that in models that I photograph.'

When it comes to erotica, Fred loves shooting in common hotel rooms with colored walls, no frills and nothing fancy, almost a dirty feel. Fred pays homage to the old Bobby Garcia, and early Active Duty shoots where the models just hang out, talking candidly to the photographer, and the audience. Fred's new site is a mix of his photography travelling through the Southern States as well as his talent scouting skills. The site has a focus on auditions, getting to know the models and the interactions during the shoot. I think you would all agree, Tex is certainly a model viewers would love to see more, and learn more about.

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