Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tribe by Brenton Parry

'Shot over 15 months and featuring 12 different models, TRIBE eplores the human need to fit in and belong to a tribe. Every culture has their own beliefs and rituals and every culture has subcultures.'

Congratulations to artist and fellow blogger Brenton Parry (Ausielicious) for his creative and inventive exhibition launch this past weekend. I was away on Sunday and therefore a bit late to the party, but I love Brenton's fresh and contemporary on-line unveiling of Tribe!  Tribe features 12 models in 11 different shoots featuring bodypaint, horns, sticks and clay in minimalist photos with moody lighting. One of those models is Fabien Ardoin, a 23 year old French model who tragically passed away in an accident two months after the photo shoot.

I love the raw, erotic and ritualistic feel to Brenton's new work. Brenton's use of color and tribal wear creates a contemporary feel with an equally powerful nod to the past. Although the launch is over, the exhibition continues on Brenton's site. You can check out his entire Tribe series and even on a piece of your own by checking out Tribe HERE:

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