Friday, April 17, 2015

Turquoise & Leather: Chris by DejaView Photography

'In DejaView's imagery, Chris is literally brimming over with appeal and sexual energy. An incredible body, lean, strong and fit. Chris's has a great face, welcoming with beautiful brown eyes and a killer grin. Chris also clearly knows how to showcase his assets, using his eyes, his legs, his entire body to create magnificent lines and poses.'

Back in December, I had the pleasure of celebrating New Year's Eve by introducing FH readers to the imagery of DejaView Photography and his incredible work with model Chris . (Countdown) DejaView's focus in his work with Chris was 'dudoir', the classic 'boudoir' style of photography, but with of course in this case, with the magnificent male form.

Chris, and his work with DejaView, have been noticed by many and in the past few months have been featured on many sites including DNA. This week in particular, Chris has been popping up, literally... over the Net. I knew instantly when DejaView sent on the results of his collaboration with Chris, one post would never be enough. I saved a few of my favorites for a follow-up that I am glad to be able to share today.

I especially loved the fashion combination DejaView captured of Chris in his turquoise brief's with the black leather jacket. They look incredible on as separate pieces, or beautifully worn, or not worn, together. With his talent in front of the camera, especially with facial expression, eye contact, not to mention great body poses, Chris created another set of erotically charged imagery, beautifully captured by DejaView Photography.

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