Thursday, May 14, 2015



You're not watching Penny Dreadful, you missed last weeks introduction of the tantalizing Angelique.

Penny Dreadful always wraps me up with it's cinematic visuals and majestic score. I was a bit sceptical about the introduction of the witches, but so far they are hauntingly horrifying! One of the show's weakest points has always been the character of Dorian Gray. I love actor Reeve Carney, but given the writers have never really integrated his character in the main story, he always seems to get sidelined a bit.

Hopefully the introduction of Angelique might bring some much needed passion into his story. Actor Jonny Beauchamp made a memorable impression in his first, and his last scene in the show's most recent episode, Verbis Diablo. Unfortunately, Jonny is only credited in the one episode thus far, but hopefully the writers will bring Angelique back very soon!

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