Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Iwan The Terrible

Actor Iwan Rheon is also celebrating a birthday today, his 30th! This past Sunday, Game Of Thrones finally go one of it's most sadistic characters out of his clothes to show of Rheon's perfectly proportioned posterior.

We have seen Iwan's great butt before in a scene from Misfits which I posted about (HERE:) when I last featured Iwan on FH.

Iwan is without a doubt one of television's most interesting and talented young actors. Not only does Iwan play the evil, and maybe slightly psychotic, Ramsay on GOT, he appears at the same time as the sweet, bumbling and naive Ash on the ITV sit-com Vicious. Not sure any actor has played two such diverse roles, and so well, at the same time on TV that I can recall.

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Steve said...

lol, "maybe slightly psychotic" is a bit of an understatement!