Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In Prust We Trust...

If any of you follow hockey, you know the last few play off games pitting the Montreal Canadiens against the Tampa Bay Lightening have been nail biters. The two teams played again Tuesday in Tampa with the Canadiens, trailing Tampa Bay by one, are again facing elimination.

Although I love hockey, there is nothing like the play off's to reignite my passion for the game. I have long been a fan of Canadiens left winger Brandon Prust, but no more so than this past year. Not because he was all over the sports news this week for fines he garnered for commenting publicly about an heated exchange with referee Brad Watson. Prust, usually a respectful player and gentlemen of the sport, was emotional after getting into a fight late in the blow out loss during last Sunday's game.

Being this is FH, there are other things about Prust I admire. Like many other athletes, Prust is often called upon to model and there is something about him, especially that mouth and those great lips of his, that make him incredibly sexy! Prust is also apart of the new reality series Hockey Wives, which looks at the women behind many of the men in the NHL. Maripier Morin, a French Canadian television host, who has been dating Prust, is one of 10 women featured in the series. I must say, I have increased respect for Prust's patience given how.. lets just say chatty, Morin can be.

Below: Prust with Maripier Morin

Below: Lars Eller, Prust, Colby Armstrong, instructor Alain Robin, Carey Price and Travis Moen promoting the benefits of yoga for Hockey players.

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