Monday, June 29, 2015

Richard, Exposed by Ohm Photography

A lie can pain your heart. The truth, however, pains your soul.'......'

It was back in November of 2013 that I first introduced FH readers to artist Ohm Phanphiroj's work with Richard. (Causing a Commotion) I ended that first piece by promising that viewers would soon see a lot more of Richard. Well... although it took a couple of years, I have kept my vow.

There are few artists who so superbly channel emotion through through their visuals as Ohm Phanphiroj is so consistently able do. Many artists are able to capture basic emotions, happy, joyful, angry or sad. Ohm manages to always go beyond the basic, taking each emotion and breaking them down to their rawest form. Richard's gaze is both powerful and hypnotic. Despite an incredible face and a body in which every part is worthy of attention, though Ohm's lens, our focus is drawn, as if seductively magnetized, towards's those brown eyes.

Although this is my second post featuring Ohm's work with model Richard Boyd, it is far from an ending. It is in fact, sort of an introduction. Ohm has several projects coming our way this year including a brand new website and an upcoming book entitled The Space Between Us. This series of images of Richard act as a prologue of sorts, a taste of what's to come. If you want to keep tabs on when you can see more, follow Ohm Photography on facebook to see more imagery and get updates on when the new site and book will be released!

'Exposed" is a part of a new website 'Men of Mine', a sister site of Ohmphotography (both are under construction, and will be up soon). Men of Mine will be a member-based site that features images and videos hot young male models in an intimate settings that evokes the feelings of desire and longing. Richard will be one of the models featured.'
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