Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Lovin...

After what I consider a pretty disappointing season of Big Brother Canada, I am not sure I am up for investing in this summer's US edition. Yes.. Julie Chen makes it tempting, but I am sort of over all the lame twists and gimmicks the show throws out in order to sustain viewer interest. I look back fondly on the show's early seasons when it was all about relationships and less about having a loved one, ex or twin in the house.

That being said... there is always a houseguest or two that has me wanting to give it a shot. I have not watched yet, but have it on the DVR if time allows on the weekend. 23 year old Clay Honeycutt is certainly visually welcoming with his cute smile, hot body and outstretched arms awaiting you to nestle on in for a snuggle. The Texas native just graduated from school, and played College Football for Texas A&M. .

Big Brother seems to enjoy casting at least one male model each season and as you can tell from the images below, Clay also has experience in front of the camera. Models do well on BB, but thus far, not well enough to make it to the end. We shall see if Cody has what it takes

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