Thursday, June 25, 2015

Varied Reactions: Mikey by macpics

With 'favorite' a core theme for FH, one of my goals with the accompanying text, is to explain why. Not just why I like the work, I like a lot of images that don't become favorites. The why is more specific. What was it about an image, a subject or theme, that stood out or moved me. Our reactions to certain visuals, the reaction which leads it to become a favorite, is different for each viewer. The reasons are often very personal, coming from emotional places that varies from person to person.

There are millions of images of naked bodies on the Internet, tumblrs have pages and pages of archives, with countless images we glance at, then quickly move on to the next one, then the next one, and the next one. It is those images that have us stop, pause, and take a closer look, that forms the genesis of what becomes a favorite. Over the past few years, Melbourne photographer Ian from macpics has certainly become a favorite and his images of Mikey got a strong reaction from me.

I love work that challenges me, and Ian's images frequently have done just that. I have struggled with image choice more than a few times when featuring Ian's work, wondering if an images was too explicit, or overly sexual for FH. That might sound odd for a site with one of it's main themes being the naked male form, but I struggle to maintain the F in FH, and for me that F represents more than just a hot image, it means work I love and connect with.

As stated, there are thousands of sites and tumblrs that feature images of skin and body parts. Penis's of all sizes, shapes and states of arousal. That, is just not what interests me, nor what makes an image a favorite. I annoying want more. I want an artist who see's more than just a body in front of them, but a man, a model, they can utilize and work together with to create a vision that exposes more than just what the model looks without their clothes. I love images in which the model is captured in a way not seen before, a vision specific to the artist behind the lens.

I believe Ian accomplished this with 23 year old Mikey. Ian indeed beautifully captured Mikey's body parts, his tall lean frame and every inch and angle of his incredible body. But Ian also captures Mikey's passion, energy and intensity along with his striking dark eyes, incredible nose and facial structure. Ian describes Mikey as full of energy and fun and says Mikey worked hard to give Ian what he needed for each shot.

I love Mikey's look and his passion and energy seem perfect in the creation of an artist's vision. Mikey's passion is not restricted only to his art, it expands to his activism with environmental, animal and political causes and as a self described Sex-positive radical feminist. There is beautiful contrast between Mikey's skin and tattoo's and a fascinating irony in the power of his look and the  'I don't want to be beautiful anymore' written in ink across his chest. Mikey didn't share the story behind the tat, but does seem to enjoy the many interesting and varied reactions the tat gets from others.

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