Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shooting Mr. Herzog: Behind The Scenes

When I'm able to, I love to add 'behind the scenes' images. For me, they are visually able to tell more of the process piece of a shoot, than I can do with words. Sometimes these images are taken by a PA or assistant, sometimes, by another photographer present during the shoot. Given that Gordon Nebeker generally works alone with his models, the images featured here are actually better described as candids or out-takes. Gordon snapped most of these in-between set ups and during breaks before he and Tom moved on to shooting the formal shots above featured in the story above. Thanks to Gordon and Tom for candidly sharing their work, and to Gordon who provided the quotes below.

Love this one, the little girl behind him was playing ‘peek-a-boo’. Women of all ages are not immune to his charms!

Setting out some clothes for the shoot.

'Tom will likely roll his eyes at a couple of these photographs, but they show the real Tom. He is a charming, cooperative, fun guy with a sense of humor. And you will see that like many in his generation, the cell phone is a constant companion.'

Checking messages between takes.

Tom's ‘reward’ after the underwater shoot was some wind-down time in our steamboat. He graciously allowed me a few photographs before we left him to relax alone.

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