Friday, August 7, 2015

Hunk In The Family: Matteo by New Manhattan Studios

'It is not often that one model refers another one to the studio. It is rarer still when a model recommends a family member. But it happened three times in 2014: one model referred his wife and two models referred their brothers. Such is the case here. Matteo was referred by his kid brother, Luca.'

Although it was Luca and his long slender body and elegant, graceful poses which first captured my attention, it was of images of Luca with brother Matteo that had me really intrigued about featuring both brothers. There was something both familial and attractive about both Wes's images of the two brothers together, especially the shots wearing the sweaters. There are clearly similarities, in facial structure and their beautiful brown eyes, yet they both have a distinct sexual energy and beauty connected to who they are and the passions they pursue.

As with his younger brother Luca before him, Matteo had never before posed for a professional photo shoot of this nature. This in a odd way, makes the images even more appealing. Sometimes, with inexperienced models, the 'newness' and awkwardness of a first nude shoot is off putting, other times, like these images of Matteo, the vulnerablity of seeing a new model plunked into a new experience, can add to the enjoyment.

Both brothers are passionate and committed athletes. Luca, a professional ballet dancer, Matteo, a student and soccer player in Milan. When Matteo was visiting New York last Christmas, a small window of opportunity arose for Wes and Alex to work with with both he and Luca together, and with separate shoots. It was touch and go to find the time but finally, on Matteo's last full day in the States, a feasible shooting day was found! Luca had originally planned to accompany his older brother to his first shoot, but he was detained by dance rehearsals so Matteo made his way to the studio for his first nude shoot on his own.

'Luca described his other brother as “the hunk” in the family. Matteo, at 26, is finishing his studies in pharmacy in Italy. Despite being an avid soccer fan and player, Matteo was quick to describe his kid brother as having the better physique.'

'Well, we had barely begun to work when Luca showed up at the studio. Rather than wait patiently in the dressing room, he took a seat toward the back of the studio and busied himself on his phone while his older brother was busy at work under the bright lights on the other side of the room. The two guys seemed so relaxed around each other that we asked if they’d pose for a few shots together. And they did. A handful of the photos might make their way to the family mantle place. The guys were good sports. Half of the pictures clearly will not wind up on the mantle!'

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