Friday, August 14, 2015

James Read: Familiar Faces

There's a familiar face in Salem. Not a new face really, his character was introduced earlier this year. I haven't been a regular watcher of NBC's Days Of Our Lives lately, but I was sure I knew that face while watching the character of Clyde Weston on a recent viewin.

He's a little older, but I have always been a fan of actor James read. Talented and engaging and well, that incredible face. Those twinkling eyes, that great hair and that smile which melts. Read has been a regular fixture on TV and in movies since I can remember. Starting in the Eighties on Remington Steele and continuing in with regular roles on Shell Game, Charmed, American Dreams and on screen in Eight Men Out and Beaches to name just a couple of his big screen roles.

Most of us remember Read however from his role of George Hazzard in each of the three North & South mini series instalments. Read went on to marry his North & South co-star Wendy Kilbourne. In real life, Read is the father of three. On Days Of Our Lives, he is the father of Ben, (Robert Scott Wilson) and for many of us, James is the epitome of a DILF.


Web of Deceit


Eight Men Out

The Initiation

Remington Steele

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